1. Japanese Reader for "Learn to Read in Japanese, Volume I," Digital File

The Japanese Reader contains 4,200 Japanese sentences for reading practice. It is designed to be used with the Kanji Catalogue and the Index, which are sold separately, but it may also be used alone for reading practice.

We have developed a Copy and Paste technique that can allow you to use a computer to highlight unfamiliar kanji in the Japanese Reader and then search for their descriptions in the Kanji Catalogue, completely bypassing the Index. Unfortunately, this technique does not work well with iPhones and other handheld devices. For details, please see the section titled "How to Use the Books in the PDF Format" at https://www.japaneseaudiolesso....

Please note that you are limited to three downloads of this PDF file, and you may only download the file for 10 days after purchase. However, should you need additional downloads, please contact us at [email protected], and we will reset your download limit.

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